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All about Corona Virus
Tue Mar 10, 7:30 PM
All about Corona Virus A Talk by Dr Ramana Dhara

The world is concerned about Corona Virus. It has literally affected national and international transaction and mobility of people from one place to another.

There is a widespread fear related to the virus. Every day a new number of cases are reported in many countries.

What is Coronavirus infection and how can I prevent it?

This talk will be on the origin of the virus, global spread and current status in India and Telangana. The will focus on methods of transmission, prevention methods, the role of masks, hand hygiene, and treatment of the condition.

About Dr Ramana Dhara:
Dr V. Ramana Dhara
Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct or Visiting, Environmental Health

He is an occupational/environmental medicine physician board-certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Occupational Medicine and the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

As a member of the International Medical Commission on Bhopal disaster, he has designed and published the first long-term health effects studies on the exposed community. His work on exposure assessment in the gas victims is being used as a teaching tool in environmental epidemiology. His international experience includes the evaluation of hazardous industries in India. His work at CDC/ATSDR has involved evaluation of communities exposed to hazardous agents.

In clinical practice, he has many years of experience in the area of workmen's’ compensation and non-surgical orthopaedics. In 2005, he served as physician to the CNN news team covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and in 2018 worked on a medical mission with the Migrant Caravan consisting of refugees from Central America. He's the former Medical Director of the Occupational Health Clinics, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, GA.