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Self-publishing & Zine Making
Tue Mar 3, 5:00 PM
Riya Behl, Devashree Somani
Wait, what is a zine?
Zines are a DIY form of self-publishing that we hope to explore further with you this Tuesday!

Who are we?
Devashree Somani and Riya Behl are recent graduates of Ashoka University, currently engaging in the development sector. We will be speaking Hindi and English during this workshop.

What will we be doing?
As young people, who are on the journey of finding our voices in a country struggling to uphold the values of a democracy, we would like to democratize the process of making art with you. The focus of this workshop will be 'Hope in struggle'. We will go over the history and technique of making zines following which, participants will start working on individual zines.

At the end of the workshop, we will make photocopies for each other to swap - in original zine-style that removed money from the exchange of ideas - and hopefully, keep sharing through this form.

Participants are required to:
- Think of a concept or narrative for the Zine
- Carry A3/A4 paper(s) that will be your canvas. We encourage re-using paper, so it could be any old paper with one side blank. Please remember to bring photographs, news clippings, anything you might want in your Zine.
- Carry any other stationery like scissors, glue, stickers etc., that you wish to use.
- If you have made zines before or have them at home, bring them along too. It will confirm for first-timers that what you can include in a zine is only limited by your imagination!
- Carry yourselves, and on time!

See you soon!