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Manto aur premchand ke nam
Fri Apr 3, 8:00 PM
Utkarsh singh
Presenting three short stories on the pain and consequences of division 'toba tek singh','khol do'by manto and 'art ka pulh'by fahim azmi. Toba tek singh is a depiction of a situation in a mental asylum where the order of partition had to be followed and deport hindus,muslims and sikh mads to India or pakistan. 'Khol do' do is a poignant story which describes the savageness of the human beings in the name of religion and the search of a father for his one and only daughter 'sakina' filled with emotional anecdotes. 'Art ka pulh' is a journey of a village rich in everything and how a small pit in the village divides it into two and make their biggest enemies.