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Sun Feb 16, 4:00 PM
Dialogue towards an alternative

Event tittle - " WHO ARE THE OTHERS OF INDIA? " Let's discuss the rise in segregation, discrimination and hate speech .

16th feb 2020 4pm onwards till 6:30 pm

Urban naxal, illegal immigrant, anti national, sickular etc are terms that have become our everyday, every house hold staple in recent times. People have openly refused food delivered by a Muslim. A chunk people have applauded Kapil Gujjar ( the one who fired two rounds in Shaheen Bhag) for his statement " Yaha sirf hinduon ki chalegi".
Rambhakt Gopal( the one who fired Shadab at Jamia) is to be felicitated by a right wing organisation.

On jan 5th 2020 JNU students were brutally beaten up ABVP goons and at the same time there people outside the campus gates sloganeering " desh ke gaddaron ko goli maro saalonko", they even stopped ambulances from reaching the victims.

These continous incidents of hate speech and voilent attempts to choke dissenting voices by brandishing them as enemies of the country or "others" only points to the fact how ginormously the segregation, discrimination has risen in multifolds in the short span of time.
While sikhs continous gestures of support, courage and solidarity to the minority communities is heartening and generates hapes, it should also make us question why there is such rise hate and how do we fight it?

So to discuss this let us meet on 16th February 2020 4pm at lamakaan.