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Sun Feb 2, 4:00 PM
Dialogue towards an alternative
The students all over the country are on the streets protesting today, for affordable education, against discriminatory bills/acts, to protect the Constitution. Amidst all this there are people who think that students can, will and should change the course of our history but there are others as well who think that students should just study and leave the politics to the politicians. Our HRD minister Ramesh Pokriyal recently said that students must keep to themselves and that they should not indulge in any political matters of the country. But history says else, be it freedom struggle for our country, struggle for seperate Telangana, etc students have always been the one lead revolutions then why do we still differ on this or have the times changed. Let's discuss youth and their role in the politics of a country on 2nd Feb 2020 4.00pm onwards.