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Intro promo master class LADO
Sat Feb 15, 11:00 AM
Natalia Rodionova-Mehta
Introductions and promo master class
Eclectic way of Finding Harmony”
by professional Russian dance and stage movement teacher, physical culture coach
Natasha Shiraz:

I do not invent the wheel, discover America or promise magic in one day - I simply share my own experience, my passion and joy!

My aim is to attract attention especially of people who have given up on themselves, leading to a sedentary lifestyle and numerous health issues, and to convince them to get rid of their self-belief “I can not dance” or “It’s too late”, “I have no time” and to prove that anybody, no doubts - ANYBODY can and should dance for it endless and obvious benefits and goals.
I would like to “shake it off” and show how easy, pleasant and most importantly, healthy dance practice can be, which I combine with vast numbers of rehabilitation gymnastic, stretching, energetic and relaxation techniques, games and many more, depend on the age and fitness level of participants as well as their priorities and wishes, so it will be easy to find and select what will be interesting and suitable for you.

based on different dance and movement techniques,
open to all who are young at heart.
Very dense and tense concentrated essentials of
Russian Classic and Modern Jazz,
Vortex gymnastic,
morning Energetic rejuvenating routine,
Regal posture and cat walk,
Self Choreography
Physiological Gestures
and many more…
Simple steps, easy to understand and pleasant to practice.

You can look forward to expert guidance in exploring the limitless possibilities
of body and mind through movement with awareness;
with a take home body-mind balancing routine that is quick and beneficial for people from all walks of life,
absolute beginners and zero experience,
suitable for
housewives and entrepreneurs,
grannies and teens, busy and retired, active and not really…
Best for those who gave up, unconfident and very lazy.