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The Urban Kashmir Project
Sat Jan 18, 10:30 AM
Hobnob Events and Entertainments
What comes to an Urban living's Mind, staying in a city, far away from the lands, never visited, when he hears the word "Kashmir". A very less percent of Hyderabad Population might have gone to Kashmir and seen or known it by themselves and if visited, even then wouldn't have known any ground realities. All we know, interpret is what we see, hear or read through media.

There is a unique thinking each one is having about Kashmir. Some see it as the Paradise, some say it was. For some, it maybe seen as a state that seen a load of bloodshed while some will see it as oppressed one.

The Urban Kashmir Project tries to capture a webbed compilation of your mind to create a collective Urban picture of Kashmir as we see. At the end, we would want to see how Hyderabad sees Kashmir it as of today. A mixture of realities

For more details, contact Chetan (+91-9515125320)