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Sun Feb 23, 4:00 PM
Trisha Chatterjee

The toughest part in any conversation or situation is saying “No”. It’s always easy to say a “Yes”, but saying “No” requires strength and courage and when someone says “NO”, then it means “NO”. Period!

Strange-r’s connect presents to you, the very first event of 2020, “’No’ Power, ‘No’ Stories”. A place, where you can come and share your first “No” experience. Whether you said “No” to a friend or to a loved one Or said “No” to your bosses in your workplace, it all matters. Starting from a situation to a person, from a habit to a decision, YOUR No stories count. Telling these stories requires a lot of courage, but again these are the stories which empowers and encourages someone to say these two powerful syllable and avoid ugly circumstances.

So come ahead and share. Inspire your kind and help your peer. Be assured that your story holds the potential to give someone a boost of courage and hope!