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Secularism A Curse Today
Sun Jan 19, 4:30 PM
Lamakaan An Open Cultural Space
We have just accepted secularism as a constitutionally declared value but have not asked ourselves what it means to be secular as a society. We have just gone on mouthing slogans about secularism for decades. But we haven’t yet started discussing what happens when a society has to be secularized.

When communal crisis arises, people open their mouths and scream and shout and say this is not what they want from Indian society. But we don’t have enough people discussing what it really means to be a secular society.

Eventually secularism has become a curse word today. Fascists refer to it as sickular and people claiming themselves as secular are called anti nationals too. In order to discuss the real meaning of secularism and the way it is being distorted, In Defense of Reason and Lamakaan prog council is organising a discussion on 19th January 2020. All are welcome !!