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A Discussion on Death penalty
Sat Jan 18, 5:30 PM
Dialogue towards an alternative

A discussion in context with the recent encounter and death penalty to rape convicts.

Revenge begets revenge, anger leads to anger, hate leads to more hate and blood lust has no end. People are seen believing and demanding capital punishment as the solution for henious crimes including cases of Nirbhaya and Disha.

Retributive justice punishment makes the offender pay his debt for the sin committed whereas reformative justice is about forgiveness, healing and reintegration of offender. Criminal law has moved from retributive to reformative as historically we have understood former theory only looks at the crime and the fitting punishment, on the other hand latter theory delves into various aspects of crime like the social environment, pyschogical, therapeutic rehabilitation, etc with understanding that punishment should benefit the society as a whole and produce more good to society than the harm of the crime.

It's very painful and disturbing to witness the most henious crimes occuring around us especially sexual offences against women. The way how these crimes are dealt with is more important as we have to check how helpful is the present system in curbing the crime and preventing it in future.

In the context of growing demand for killing of offenders we invite you to participate in a 'dialogue' on whether 'Rigorous punishments reduce crime' at Lamakaan on 18th January at 6pm.