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Pichle Ikkis Saal ( Hindi Play )
Sat Jan 11, 7:30 PM
Udaan Performing Arts, Hyderabad
Synopsis : “Insecurity, complex, pollution, money, cell phones, drugs, orkut, facebook, relationships, manners, ethics, love, parents, pressure, sex, freedom, capitalism, education , dependance, awareness, guilt, communication, happiness, confusion...

Why do I do the things, which I do? I think rubbish. I feel rubbish... Who am I? I am not a hardcore rightist, nor a leftist. Not even a orthodox brahmin nor a suppressed dalit. Not a gay nor a part of the minority, not a lefty, or mentally ill.. Who the hell am I? Just a oversensitive guy.. confused.. trapped! Where do I go.. ? What do I do? Will drugs help? Or should turn a blind eye? That wont help, I have tried.. I have tried everything.. Everybody has tried everything..” Straight out of the minds of 21 year olds. The story of a youngster who finally goes to a reality show which is there to create an extremist, terrorist young force..

Is it fundamentalist? Religious? Regional? Certainly not! Exactly what happened with the young parents, involved in liberal, leftist, socialist movements in and after the 1975 Emergency? What happened with the concept of a free, secular, liberal and ideal nation worth to give a birth to a child?? What happened with the values and ethics which they expected from their previous generation of freedom fighters?

What exactly did happen in the last 21 years...