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Vakrinchina vasthavam
Thu Feb 27, 8:00 PM
Amaan Ahmad (The Unknown Pen)
Vakrinchina vasthavam' is an original psychological Telugu play written and directed by Amaan Ahmad. Arjun, the protagonist, is happy and content in his day-to-day life. He is unaware of technology and never used a mobile phone or the internet. One day, he gets introduced to a phone and technology and his life changes from there. He becomes the prisoner of technology and gets incarcerated inside his own mind. The play has shifts and emotional turmoil within, and it touches today's life in a subtle manner as to how technology is ruining imagination and how people are addicted to the internet and mobile phones. The play starts with Arjun enjoying nature, listening to the radio. He is oblivious to technology. Technology comes in his life out of nowhere and he is scared at first. Everything turns gloomy and dark. Savitri, his friend/love-interest, tries to calm him down but the entire existence of Savitri is his illusion. The inner turmoil of Arjun takes various shapes within the play and as we reach the climax, he is completely engrossed in technology (phone/internet) and loses his sanity.