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Urdu Zamaney key ICU mey
Sat Feb 29, 7:30 PM
Darpan theatre
Play : “Urdu Zamaney key ICU mey”
Written by: Nayeem Javed
Directed by: Ali Faisal

The content of the play deals with the subject of Urdu and its social relevance. Few characters are symbolic like “Ghazal” appears and introduce her contribution. Another Character “Bharat Mata” concludes that Urdu is my child, born and brought up in India. A clear message of national integration. Similarly, a film maker, Rap song lover add humor. One negative roles who take money from govt but never support language-cause. One humor spicing politician share lot of humor. One “ZabaN Dost” takes lead and suggest that every language should flourish with Urdu.
It’s based on humor, satire and literary dialogues.