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How animation films are made ?
Sat Dec 14, 4:30 PM
Dharma Teja Reddy Kasa
How many of you enjoy animated films ? Be it TV shows like Tom & Jerry, Chota Bheem or Modern feature length films like Minions, Frozen etc. Have you ever thought about the process of making animated films ? How much time and effort are put into every single frame you see on screen ? Lets come and know about process involved in making animations and some fun facts.

A little bit about organizer,
I'm Dharma, a software developer in field of Visual effects and Animation by profession. Personally, I love art and one of the art medium I am particularly focusing is visual story telling. I made and published one animated short film till date and another one is in production at the time of writing. To know more about my works, visit https://www.dtrmediaworks.com