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Last Call at the Oasis
Thu Oct 17, 7:30 PM
Lamakaan & Docu Circle of Hyderabad
This is the comeback film screening of the Docu Circle of Hyderabad.

You drink it, you swim in it, you survive on it. It's time you knew the truth about it.
Release year: 2011
Directed by: Jessica Yu
Duration: 1hr 40mins
Rating: PG13 (for some bad language and a lot of bad news)
Synopsis 1
A documentary by first-time filmmaker Jessica Yu, which tackles the macro issue of a possible
impending water crisis in a macro way. Last Call at the Oasis offers not only solutions that are
being examined and soon to be implemented ways to steer us away from economical
uncertainty if we begin to lose our dependence on water, but also explores a number of different
issues and smaller little conflicts that makeup and define the grandiose term " water crisis." We
open with a quote frighteningly stating that we could soon be fighting wars over water instead of
oil. People have taken for granted the seemingly unlimited supply of water we've been blessed
to have, but with a simple turn of the tap or even a trip to a nearby shop, we have access to as
much water as we can get our hands-on. One man states how our water supply is " infinite and
exhaustible," and how water is constantly reused, but we are beginning to dispose of it at a rate
so fast and uncontrollable that we are approaching a darker future, where water will be harder to
access and even more difficult to store.
Contamination and the popularity of bottled water are tackled here as well. As we see the
poignant images of women around the world lugging barrels of water at their sides or on their
heads, returning to a place where not a drop is in sight, while we make a trip to the store to
purchase bottled water and return home to a place where a simple turn of a tap can give us
more of the same thing, we question the logic of the situation and the complete and total
arrogance of it all. We've been told time and time again that bottled water is allegedly better for
us and are under the impression that it is more closely monitored than traditional tap water. Yet
a close look proves us naive, as even in the US, there have been hundreds of recalls of bottled
water because of contamination, glass particles in the water, and even mould.

The screening will be followed by a discussion.