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Upcoming Events

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Fri May 17, 8:00 PM
Itihasam starts in a kingdom where the rules and law is absurd. The story revolves around the king union who is in search of finding person responsible for death of the thief. Whether they found the person or not... This play is witty and sarcastic take on leaders of the government.

Price of the ticket is 100
Film Making In Sign Language
Sun May 19, 11:00 AM
Deaf Rainbow Films - DRF
One day Summer Workshop For Film Making In Sign Language.

A Short History of Human Rights
Taking Action on Human Rights
Learning Human Right in sign language

Participants Age Group
13-18 years both Boys & Girls
No of Participants: 30 Only

Aim of Workshop:
Through brainstorming and discussion this activity leads participants to define what it means to be human and to relate human rights to human needs.

Pouli - An Art Exhibition & Sale
Sun May 19, 4:00 PM
Bhamini Shree
I am a free spirited painter and my works are mostly around human mind, liberty, feminism and sexual freedom. I am looking for a platform which helps me get in touch with like-minded people. There would be 25 - 30 paintings (approx) to exhibit.

link to FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/Poulibybhamini/
K Circle Quiz of the Month
Sat Jun 1, 4:30 PM
K Circle Quiz Club
K-Circle is today India's oldest quiz club, formed in 1972, and is based in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. This Saturday would be the K-Circle Quiz of the Month at Lamakaan which would be a lively, engaging and informally informative quiz session that anybody is welcome to attend! This is a non-competetive event, where teams are formed on the spot
Malgudi days
Sat Jun 1, 7:30 PM
XpressionZ Theater Group
A combination of simple honest and touching stories by rk narayan. It takes heart to understand Malgudi days, may it be the story of a watchman who has gone through enough in his life, guards the lake and the government office and his involvement in suicides or an actor trying to dodge death or a florist woman trying to understand the reason behind a businessman who often comes to the temple with his driver.. Each story takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. The flavor of the stories is only enhanced by the simplicity.
The Hidden Truth
Sun Jun 2, 7:30 PM
XpressionZ Theater Group
Husbands make a better half! But wives make the best half! Is best better than the better? or the better better than the best? Well, in case of Avantika and Steve, its all about a door to be opened! Love Live in Marriage is in danger, and the reason is steve as per avantika and avantika as per steve! Would steve and Avantika's love survive? It depends! on what? You should see it to believe it!