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Is Kambakht Sathe Ka Kya Karen?
Tue Oct 1, 7:30 PM
Udaan Performing Arts, Hyderabad
The most awaiting play of Udaan is back.'Is Kambakht Sathe Ka Kya Karen'. This play is an adaptation of the Marathi play, 'Sathecha Kay Karaycha', penned by the noted playwright Rajiv Naik and translated into Hindi by Jyoti Subhash.

The story focuses on the tender relationship between a husband and a wife. It tells us about the happily married life of a couple - Abhay, an ad filmmaker and Salma, a lecturer in college. Each of them face different tribulations in their professional lives, but Abhay takes his troubles far too seriously. He is of the opinion that his colleague Sathe does not deserve the recognition he gets. On the other hand, Salma loves her work and does not care about quick promotion and success. She believes that everything should be done with a pure heart. At a peak point, Salma deals with the situation and handles Abhay's frustration. At the end of the play, both build a strong trust in the relationship and create a companionship that surpasses understanding. The twists and turns and the tribulations the couple faces in balancing their married and professional lives form the rest of the story. This play tries to depict that a positive attitude can make things better.