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Zindagi in Mardistan: Discussion
Sun Sep 1, 2:00 PM
Tashi Choedup
Whether one is queer or not, mardangi or masculinity is a notion that
troubles all - boys, trans children, girls, women, men, trans men and all
other genders. One either has to live upto it or endorse it or complement it. Not doing so attracts many sorts of censure, self-blame and sometimes, even explicit punishment from known and unknown quarters. What is it about being a mard that requires so much overseeing and societal control? What happens to all those who cannot or do not want to live upto and live in this mardistan? 

Tashi Choedup is a queer Buddhist monastic who enjoys messing up the
identitarian grids around gender and sexual identity. Having been active in the queer politics of Hyderabad they are currently studying Tibetan
Buddhist philosophy.

Aditya Raja is a queer programmer and a passionate, non-prominent LGBTQ activist who’s almost out of the closet.

Kanishka Narang has worked as a media professional for many years
and now is working with Bangalore Metro. He is a keen observer of
the changing discourse on masculinity in advertising and other