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5 Arrows Musical Performance
Sat Jan 26, 4:30 PM
Lamakaan & 5 Arrow Musical Troupe from Punjab
On the occasion of 70th Republic Day of India, Lamakaan invites you to a progressive musical art from from Punjab.

"5-arrows musical troupe" is a loose collective of artists working with Punjab Naujwan Sabha with aim of creating and propagating revolutionary and progressive art content. We firmly believe that in an unequal society no art can be neutral and artists must recognize their duty towards society and shall focus their art towards the same. The name is derived from the historical event whereby Guru Gobind Singh gave 5 of his arrows to Banda Singh Bahadur to signify that Banda Singh Bahadur is to carry forward the struggle initiated by the Guru for an equal, exploitation-free society where everyone can live with dignity. Remarkably Banda Singh Bahadur was one of the first in the history of the Indian subcontinent to distribute lands to the tiller and dealt a lasting blow to casteism and Brahmanism by mobilising the most downtrodden sections of the society. The troupe hopes to carry forward the struggle left unfinished.