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Make a MANDALA: for Beginners
Sun Dec 30, 11:00 AM
Make a MANDALA: for Beginners is a free introductory session to mandala making.

Mandalas help in relieving tension and anxiety. It also relaxes and heals the body, mind, and spirit. It gives freedom to express feelings in a non-threatening way, and it stimulates creative-thinking and problem-solving.

This workshop will include:
- Guideline making for better mandalas
- Learning basic mandala patterns and creating your own
- Creating a simple and fun mandala to take back with you.

For ages 8 and above.
No drawing experience required.

This workshop is conducted by Nishat.
Nishat is a learner at Vision Rainbow, Co-creator of Owl Time Favourites and is passionate about Art and Craft.
To know more about her:
Find her on Instagram @the.caffeinated.owl
or connect with her on 9704295140

Prior Registrations to be done via call on 9704295140