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Conscious Fashion
Wed Sep 19, 5:00 PM
Namrata Manot
The dyeing part of the process is a major culprit where maximum harmful chemicals are used. Hence the need to appreciate and apply natural dyes on fabrics is a sustainable solution in the long run. Natural dyeing would cause no air, water or soil pollution and no harm to human skin if the herbs and minerals used in dyeing are ayurvedic and non toxic.

Many eco friendly companies and organisations claim they use LOW IMPACT DYES, but they do affect the environment and the human body. We need to adopt a no-impact dyeing because we are trying to maintain the natural life cycle

we would have a deep conversation on sustainability in dyes, organic clothing, and natural dyeing as a solution. I have been working on conscious fashion, natural dyed clothing and cretaing awareness on natural dyes for past 4 years and done several local and residential workshops in other locations.