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K-Circle Quiz of the Month
Sat Oct 6, 4:30 PM
K-Circle Quiz Club
K-Circle is today India's oldest quiz club, formed in 1972, and is based in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. This Saturday would be the K-Circle Quiz of the Month which would be a lively, engaging and informally informative quiz session that anybody is welcome to attend!
A motley group, K-Circle is open to members of all ages. We are a truly informal club as we don’t have a form for new entrants to fill. There are no registrations, no frills, no badges, no pins/medals, no passwords. . . if you come in late, you just may have to perch on the window sill, but that's about it! The quiz would be a team event, with the teams being formed on spot. Do bring your friends and family along as well for what should surely be a thrilling Saturday evening!