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Chitraa: A Tale of Love - A Play
Sat Jun 2, 7:30 PM
Chitraa is a modernized English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's Chitraa- a one act play. It is considered one of the highest works of Tagore.

The story of Chitrangada is a simple one, taken from the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata; Arjuna, then in celibacy roams through the jungles reaches Manipur which is ruled by princess Chitra; a woman who has been born and brought up like a man, a fierce warrior and archer.

She meets Arjuna one day and falls in love with her but knowing the fact that she is not a typical woman she adorned herself in bracelets, anklets etc and comes to Arjuna to express her desire to marry him. Ajuna refuses.

So Chitra, dejected by the rejection seeks the help of God Madana to change her into a more feminine, fair and beautiful woman.

After the boon she transforms and comes to Arjuna again as a completely different woman. Will Arjuna accept her? Fall in love with her? Are men really visual?

Why does a woman have to deck herself up for the attention of a Man?

Why is fairness of the skin a prerequisite quality for a woman to be taken as beautiful?

these are some of the questions the play goes on to answer.

Chitra played by Anshulika Kapoor & Archana Kariappa

Arjuna played by Surya Vasishta

Madana played by Nevin Pearl & Subhabrata Kundu

Vasantha played by Shashwath Malli

Entry through Donor Pass - Rs 200/- Per Head